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Improving Security with Reduced Staff and Budgets

The story is pretty much the same all over the country. Budget cuts, reduced staff, hiring freezes, and yet the duty to protect has not gone away. In fact, it has been elevated because of heightened fears and escalated threats to public safety. So how does the astute administrator balance the need to provide a safe environment with a lack of funds and personnel? This session, presented by a nationally recognized authority on business and institutional protection, walks the audience through reasonable, practical, cost-effective steps to improve the organization's protection, make better spending decisions, and meet the demands of our ever-changing national environment. Attendees will learn how to develop a realistic protection plan based on available staff and budget. Emergency response planning is included. Alternative sources of acquiring equipment and electronics will be identified. Necessary improvements based on actual threat to patrons, assets/collections and staff will be outlined in detail. This includes the need to handle crises of varying proportions.

Emergency Preparedness

Our topical, nationally acclaimed program discussing recommended methods to reduce injury, loss of life, and loss of assets. A national leader in emergency preparedness walks you through step-by-step procedures for assuring that necessary arrangements are in place to prepare any business or institution for dealing with emergency evacuations, transportation and protection of assets, working with emergency response agencies, and more. This is a "how-to" session, dealing in very real scenarios and life-safety issues. You'll get "hands-on" information outlining what businesses of all size and scope need to know about dealing with critical incidents. Using examples of actual events and the solutions that have been proven under fire, the presenter will demonstrate the proper methods for dealing with a variety of situations. The session will also address the assignment of critical roles for staff, volunteers, and others, to assure that every floor of every building is properly evacuated when appropriate, and how to put into place a practical plan to deal with assembly areas, accountability of staff, and emergency service participation.

Emergency Exercise Coordination

If your business or institution has not conducted (or does not regularly conduct) some form of live practice exercise that brings together staff and emergency response agencies, you may be running the risk of confused, delayed, or improper response when a real incident arises. We can assist with the development of a professional drill, from start to finish. Our experts help update existing evacuation plans, based on standard of care in the industry. We then help create a relevant exercise scenario and develop the script for its implementation. This includes coordination with police, fire, emergency medical response, on-site security personnel, department heads, and staff. Finally, we offer complete coordination, implementation and management of the exercise, with classroom follow-up. Typical scenarios include bomb threat, chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons, small arms attacks, fire, flood, and more. Proper response, especially in the face of traumatic conditions, is the result of sound planning and hands-on practice exercise.

Workplace Violence Prevention - Active Shooter Response

No business or institution of any size is immune to the threat of violent attack, from within the organization, or planned outside intrusion. PREVENTION of most workplace violence incidents is possible, with careful planning and cooperation from employees, management, and outside agencies. This seminar is designed to provide a working outline for institutions and businesses of any size.

The concept is one of emergency preparedness, and analysis of the ability to respond to an incident. Workshop participants will receive information about how to determine the organization's state of readiness and how current manpower levels may be adjusted to deal with an emergency. Program participants will learn how to protect life and property in the course of a planned intrusion, or the random explosive situation.

Emphasis is on prevention and life safety. This workshop is designed as an active participation, problem-solving program that takes attendees through a step by step procedure to effectively prepare to deal with the potential for violence in a practical, cost-effective manner. This program is not a lecture. Workshop leaders will discuss and demonstrate proper methods of screening employees, defusing potentially violent situations, denying access to prohibited areas, identifying potential troublemakers, protecting patrons and staff, and responding to unplanned emergencies.

Is Your Business or Institution Safe?

No one likes to think about it, but any organization may be faced with the prospect of violent or other criminal acts unfolding in our workplace. This program presents a professional, safe, and cost-effective approach to prevention, preparation, and response. The program leader will discuss and demonstrate proper methods of defusing potentially violent situations, identifying potential troublemakers, protecting patrons and staff, improving employee awareness, and responding to unplanned emergencies. Attendees will have the opportunity to discuss particular problems, and determine practical solutions. This seminar is a must for any organization that opens its doors to the public. Extensive handout material and topical policy information will be provided. Participants will learn how to reduce the threat of violent incidents and other loss, promote staff awareness and customer service in relation to violence prevention, identify potential threats, and de-escalate potentially violent confrontations.

Guest Relations/Employee Security Awareness

This program shows employees how their attitude, actions, and reactions influence every person who contacts the business or institution. Attendees learn how to make a great first impression, make every visitor feel welcome, turn a bad situation into a good one, use employee awareness to reduce losses, and de-escalate potentially violent confrontations.

Pre-Employment Screening, Hiring, Training, Firing

Employee theft, workplace violence, and other preventable workplace problems cost U.S. businesses millions in losses every year! Everyone who hires or supervises employees is vulnerable, and our constantly changing laws make the running of a business or institution more and more difficult. Now you can meet potential problems head-on, and prevent the disastrous results of negligent hiring, improper training, and wrongful termination. As leading consultants in hiring practices and effective management, we share the latest methods in hiring GOOD EMPLOYEES, presenting needed training, and if necessary, terminating employment the right way.

Program participants will learn:

  • How to Screen Applicants with Minimal Expense
  • Where to Find Accurate Background Information
  • How to Get Previous Employment Information
  • How to Organize, Apply, & Document Training
  • When and Where to Terminate Employment
  • How to Make Your Personnel Actions Work

Ejecting Unruly Patrons

In a nationwide survey, we found few businesses and institutions with a published policy on how to remove persons who violate rules, disrupt business operations, or refuse to follow directions. For the mutual protection of staff and other patrons, as well as reducing litigation, the organization needs to adhere to a firm policy. It's not enough to put it in writing...staff needs to be familiar with those procedures that assure everyone is treated fairly, and that employees are not exposed to any potential threat. This session walks attendees through the most reasonable, most effective procedures in initiating a policy, and assuring it is adhered to.

Security Officer Basic Training

An outstanding opportunity to introduce professional training to security officers, supervisors, and administrators. This special training package brings critical, necessary instruction to your security staff, not available before! This is a ONE OF A KIND program, highly acclaimed by employers who recognize immediate results from graduates of our courses.

Subjects presented:

  • Conduct & Ethics
  • Legal Restrictions & Considerations
  • Communications
  • Site Specific Policies
  • Public Relations
  • Confrontation Management
  • Patrolling Techniques
  • Report Writing
  • Emergency Evacuation
  • Parcel/Package Control
  • Workplace Violence Prevention
  • Emergency Medical Response
  • Fire Protection
  • Use of Force & Self Defense

Guard Force Management

In our ever-increasing need to protect the workforce and the public, many facilities now employ proprietary or contract security officers. This session outlines the proper methods of guard force management, including selection, training, and placement of security officers for maximum benefit and minimal liability and cost. Poor performance isn't an employee problem - it is directly related to the skills of supervisors. This program introduces the right way to lead.

Loss Prevention/Retail Theft

Theft, fraud and related crimes are growing nationally as professional criminals enter the field where penalties are minimal. Losses at many businesses and institutions are difficult to track. Any form of loss has a direct impact on business, but is most often preventable. This session will show you how to prevent these crimes, apprehend perpetrators, and successfully prevent (and recover) losses without spending your life in court. Participants will be given practical recommendations on how to better protect property and assets, enforce rights, and conduct business without fear of exposure or liability. This workshop will also examine the various ways that losses occur and will provide suggested policies and guidelines for prevention.

Security Vendor Selection Assistance

Trying to sort through the right vendor for intrusion, fire, surveillance, and access control systems can be a painstaking task. We'll show you how to determine the type and manufacture of the system that you need, as opposed to the equipment that a product salesperson wants you to buy. You'll learn how to select the most cost-effective protection, and achieve the level of service that you expect!

Protecting Valuable Collections

Exposure to natural disasters, the intentional or unintentional acts of visitors, or the acts of employees all serve to threaten our collections. Unscrupulous alarm dealers, poorly screened and/or trained security officers only add to the threat. This session addresses the most reasonable protective measures available to institutions of any size.

Other Available Programs

  • Positive Image Reinforcement Training
  • Confrontation/Conflict Management
  • Weapons Detection
  • Package Inspection
  • Bomb Threat Management